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Sacco e Vanzetti, In memoriam Here's To You (Ennio Morricone & Joan Baez) Here's to you, Nicola and Bart Rest forever here in our hearts The last and final moment is yours That agony is your triumph Sacco, Nicola (1891-1927) "If it had not been for these things I might have lived out my life talking at streetcorners to scorning men. I might have died unmarked unknown a failure. Now we are not a failure, this is our career and our triumph. Never in our full life could we hope to do such work for tolerance, for justice, for man's understanding of man as now we do by accident. Our words-our lives- our pains nothing! The taking of our lives -lives of a good shoemaker and a poopish pedler all that Last moment belongs to us. That agony is our triumph" Viva l'anarchia!" "Farewell, mia madre." Bartolomeo Vanzetti (1888-1927) "I wish to forgive some people for what they are now doing to me."

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